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Want to be in a Tarot Deck?

Updated: Apr 9

I am currently about 35 cards into painting my very own tarot deck, which means, I still have 40+ to go. My vision for this deck is for it to accurately represent the magical bodies it is inspired by. Finding so many reference images, especially in the fun and dynamic poses offered by the Smith Tarot is an exciting challenge that I need your help with!

I am able to offer EVERY PERSON who sends me images a photo of the tarot card painted using them as reference, and a discount code for the completed deck when that comes to fruition.

Email photos with written permission for their use as art reference (I will not share these with anyone!) To

Photo requirements

  • Nude photos with entire body in frame (hands and feet)

  • General pose reflects needs of deck (see link below)

  • You, or the subject are over the age of 18

You can find what cards I am working on HERE! It is very helpful to check out what kinds of poses I might be needing, but any and all photos are welcome.

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