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I am a queer body cast artist and ceramicist dedicated to creating artwork that challenges patriarchal and heteronormative narratives, aiming to empower individuals whose lives are shaped by these constructs.

My work serves as a platform for vital conversations surrounding body image and self-perception. Through the medium of nude figure sculpture and painting, I provoke inquiry into the necessity of censoring our bodies in their natural state.

My journey as a body positive artist was catalyzed by my own process of healing following a traumatic experience of sexual abuse. In my painting series, 'Self Growth' (2019-2020), I embarked on a journey of self-reclamation through self-portraiture. While rooted in my personal narrative, my art transcends my individual journey to resonate with broader experiences.

Central to my artistic practice is the inclusion of elements typically obscured, stigmatized, or hyper-sexualized. Body casting emerged as a powerful medium through which to incorporate the raw and unaltered narratives of others, fostering a collective exploration of embodiment.

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