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Queer & inclusive body casting

After leaving a sexually abusive relationship I turned to art to reclaim my power, space and body. Live casting became a way for me to include others in my art healing journey. Creating what I now see as my collective art healing community.  

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Vulva Casts

Vulva casting is my specialty! Learn more about the casting process, and how I transform vulva casts into free standing sculpture, drinkable coffee mugs and more!

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Breast Casts

Celebrate your chest with a plaster sculpture! 

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Penis Casts

Queer inclusivity means casting a range of bodies.

What is Body Casting?

Body casting, also known as live casting, is the art of creating sculptural work of some ones body by capturing or 'casting' it. In my own personal practice, it means transforming bodies into celebratory artwork. I use a skin safe material called alginate (it is what dentists use to take molds of teeth) to cast vulvas, breasts, nipples and now recently, experimenting with penises. Once the body part is cast with the alginate, the mold is cast using plaster to create the 'positive' sculpture. 

Who and What do you Cast?

I am open to casting anyone who identifies as a woman, non binary and or trans/gender non conforming. I am not currently open to casting cis men. 

I have the most experience casting vulvas (I have cast 30 plus vulvas). I am starting to offer and gain more experience with breast casts, nipple casts and penis casts. I am open to casting pretty much anywhere on consenting adults. If you have something in mind that you do not see currently listed on my website please contact me and/ or schedule a FREE commission consultation.

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What is Live Cast Ceramic Work?

I offer something really unique and special. Custom made, live cast ceramic work. This entails not only getting a body cast done, but turning that cast into functional, beautiful and colorful ceramic work. I am a potter with over 9 years of ceramic experience, and so this is where I feel my skill set as an artist really shine. 

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Vulva Vulnerability 

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Body Casting

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