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super sexy vinyl stickers

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Clothing & Fabric

Hand sewn, dyed and upcycled goodies.

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Kitchen Pottery

Plates, bowls, sponge holders and other functional work

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for those who love plants as much as they do art

cactus commission footage 2020_08_24 (1)_Moment.jpg

Original Paintings

a range of hand painted oil on canvas masterpieces

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All Vulva Pottery

Featuring cast vulvas from real people

art print photos_2021_12_16 (17)_edited.jpg

Art Prints

fun colorful body positive art

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Trinket Dishes

Small dishes, ash trays and incense burners

Neckalces_2022_04_19 (1).JPG


Fun feminist jewelry

photos for shop update 2021_6_24 (107).J

Teapots & Sets

Slow down and enjoy tea in thoughtfully handmade teapots

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Discounted Work

shop my second picks

Vulva pottery-56.jpg

Mugs & Cups

Live cast vulva mugs, china painted mugs, wine tumblers and more

Robert bong and ashtray_2021_12_28 (3).JPG


A variety of handmade pipes for your herbal and tobacco smoking needs

Vulva pottery-3.jpg


Functional vase forms

pussy magnets_2022_08_12 (1).JPG


Pussy magnets, fun and colorful accessories for your fridge!

painted ladies_jan_2022_01_08 (45).JPG

Painted Bodies

China painted work

peace sign and vulva censor edit.jpg

eGift Cards

give someone the gift of body positive art.

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