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Celebrating All Bodies- an Open Call for Nudes

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

I find our bodies, just as they are, so inspiring! They carry us through each and every day. I have always strived in my nude figure paintings (be it large scale oil on canvas, or china paint on porcelain) to paint people as I see them. In relaxed poses. In the moment. Un-ashamed of who they are and what their bodies look like. Every time I sit down to paint I remind myself of the importance of representation. All of the art reference photos I use are either photos of myself, photos I've taken of close friends, or photos from people like you, who have bravely sent me their pictures to paint.

*Insert fun little time lapse of me painting a close friend of mine, as a gift to celebrate everything about them*

I've recently started a big undertaking- painting my very own Tarot deck. With 78 cards and so many different archetypes within the Tarot, I've posted on my Instagram an open call for nude photos, from ANY AND ALL BODIES. I have mostly received photos women and nonbinary bodies with boobs and vulvas, but have received and painted a few men's bodies. This is the first time I've felt truly called to actively seeking out more bodies for representation.

*You can watch some of my painting process here on my Instagram*

In the past I started painting and exploring nude figure as self portraiture- in my oil painting series 'Self Growth' . After completing this work, I started to include others in art making through my body casting work. But I haven't taken the time to paint too many other nude figure bodies outside of my limited repertoire of personal photos of myself and friends. This tarot project has been an exciting way to reach out and ask, would you like to be painted? Do you want your body represented in art? So now I am posting this here, in my corner of the internet. I likely will be working on this Tarot project for the better part of the next year. My goal is to release a printed deck, and sell the original tile paintings in an exhibition come October 2023.

How to Submit Photos for my Tarot Deck!

I am able to offer EVERY PERSON who sends me images a photo of the tarot card painted using them as reference, and a discount code for the completed deck when that comes to fruition.


Email photos with written permission for there use as art reference (I will not share these with anyone!) To

Photo requirements

  • Nude photos with entire body in frame (hands and feet)

  • I might email back and request a specific pose depending on what I am working on

  • You, or the subject are over the age of 18

You can find what cards I am working on HERE! It is very helpful to check out what kinds of poses I might be needing, but any and all photos are welcome.

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