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Vulva Vulnerability 

Welcome to my studio

Virtually experience what a casting session is like, and hear from others what their casting experience meant to them.

"My partner gifted her vulva casting to represent sharing and entrusting me to care for her sacred parts. And in turn we casted mine. I am a boy-girl, a sweet soul, a sexual being, and a deep feeler. With who I am I knew I’d feel comfortable getting casted. I didn’t know there would be such reflections from being open in this way and taking the time to make art out of what I know to be my portal into very special energies. Since this experience I am more aware of my vulva, her sensitivity and power. She is vulnerable and magical."

"I’ve never gotten to see my vulva the way other people get to see it, ever. It’s so beautiful and liberating to gaze upon something that society has said is to be shameful of. 
Fuck those conditioned voices, every part of me deserves love."