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Vulva casting is where my journey as a body casting artist began. This part of our bodies seemed so stigmatized and hyper- sexualized. I knew that I wanted to explore ways to appericate this vulnerable part of our bodies, that honored it exactly as it is. 

What is the casting process like?

My main goal when facilitating these casting sessions is to create a welcome and inclusive environment built upon clear, active and enthusiastic consent. I use all safe and tested materials to take the casts. Depending on what type of artwork you have selected for your vulva to be adorned on (plaster statue, pottery, wall hanging art) will determine the amount of time and material used to take the casting. 


I start out by mixing up a skin safe material called alginate


The alginate cast comes off relatively easily. Depending on how much pubic hair you have we might decide to use a mold release to ensure it comes off cleanly.


I will gently pour the alginate over the what we are casting. I might press or move the material around a little to remove any air bubbles.


This results in the 'negative' cast of your vulva. Now its my turn to create custom artwork of your vulva cast.


Then we layer plaster bandage on-top to give the casting strength


I have many different ways of finishing your cast- look below for booking options and estimated timelines

How do I prepare for a vulva casting session?

​Please arrive with comfy clothes you don't mind getting a little messy. The materials I use do not come out of clothing easily.
I never want to tell you what to do with your pubic hair- I can cast all levels of hair. I will however note that hair unfortunately does not tend to leave the 'cleanest' cast and will sometimes appear as air bubbles or texture. Trimmed or shaved is preferable.

mirror and vulva sensored.jpg

Can I bring someone with to my booking?

Yes! Anyone you'd like to bring with is welcome. I also offer group bookings you'd like to get cast together.

  • Using all skin safe materials, have your vulva professionally cast, an...

    1 hr 30 min

    260 US dollars
  • Have your cast turned into functional art!

    2 hr 30 min

    345 US dollars
  • Using all skin safe materials, have your vulva professionally cast, an...

    4 hr 30 min

    From 455 US dollars

Have more questions?

Want to talk together about making something magical together? Maybe discuss a larger party, or casting a body part you don't see listed on my website? Shoot me a message!

Thanks for submitting!

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