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"I got my vulva casted by Janelle and it was a great experience! She made something that can be very vulnerable comfortable and empowering. Having your own vulva on art in your home is such a unique and exciting opportunity. All of her pieces are beautifully made and personal, highly recommend checking her out!"

"She provides such a beautifully unique and creative take on feminine power! Her passion for her work just radiates on anyone around her! I am proud to say I purchased a vulva mug from her and cannot wait to see what else she has in store!"

"Janelle welcomed me with open arms making this experience one I'll never forget. It was so relaxing and an empowering experience. Made the environment so calming, had awesome music going and telling me all about her work and the meaning behind it all. I fully recommend if you are thinking about doing it, do it, get your vulva casted. Women empowering women!! You won't regret it! She has so many beautiful pieces to choose from!!! I love my bowl"

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