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Updated: Mar 14, 2023

I recently watched this film, on 'Womanhouse', directed by Johanna Demetrakas and Judy Chicago felt I needed to share it here. It's a wonderful glimpse into the reactions of the art at the time in 1972, as well as some recordings of the fantastic, humorous, dark and thought provoking live performances that went on during its exhibition. (I think my favoraties being 'Cock and Cunt Play' and 'Waiting')

I experienced a full range of emotions watching this film. I felt the excitement of the artists in getting to work on such groundbreaking art, as well as the frustrations and sadness that comes from this type of heavy lifting and emotional work. I also felt my own feelings of sadness and frustration. I have videos with more views than this film. I took me a few years to even find it, despite learning about 'Womanhouse', researching it and using it as my own personal source of inspiration for my own exhibition 'Vulva Kitchen' . I felt that a profound sense of grief. For all the feminist artists that go unnoticed, for all the people who need to see, and perhaps very much want to see films like this one, but haven't discovered it on their own accord.

It's also exciting to witness such a birth of creative energy that came from 'Womanhouse'. It has paved the way for so many artists like myself to start pushing the boundaries of what we can make and put out into the world.

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