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Ceramics Portfolio

For me, ceramics is where I found my beginnings as an artist. Working with clay awakened something within me. 

Here you can see me explore and play with form, function and narrative.

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Live Cast Vulva Pottery

Live Cast means that these vulva's, featured on my ceramic work, come from real bodies. People with passions, stories and traumas. Collective work that uplifts, exposes and shares all parts of ourselves, especially our most vulnerable ones. I've included  brief statements some of the participants have decided to openly share.

vulva pottery ceramics portflio

"Sharing my most vulnerable parts in this process has made space for a reclamation of femininity. Something that has been tainted with shame now is a source of pride. I now see my vulva for what it is, my divine power source."

"Getting my vulva molded was an empowering experience. Also very emotional. As a trans, A-gendered human being raised female I felt a lot of shame having a vulva. As I am growing and learning more about myself I am constantly being reminded that there is nothing shameful of having a vulva. It is such a beautiful, strong body part and endures so much. I am very grateful that Janelle creates a safe, loving, open space for people to be vulnerable and to let those of us with vulvas to reconnect with ourselves."

"My body is a sacred beautiful thing, and deserves to be treated as such. Placing something so private, vulnerable and bold onto pottery is empowering, allowing me to reclaim my space and power. "

Want to learn more about the casting process?

Painted Bodies

After getting the chance to study abroad in Jingdezhen, in Jiangxi, China in 2019, I discovered a love for china paint enamel which blended my skills as an oil painter and ceramicist into one art form. I bought up as many pigments as I could, and continued to take what I learned from Chinese china painters, and turn it into a regular part of my ceramic exploration.


These works where ways for me to explore a new found acceptance of my own bodies, as well as the admiration for others bodies in their most raw, joyful and expressive states.

Painted bodies portfolio