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The birth place of porcelain

A study abroad experience for a ceramics student in Jingdezhen is nothing short of magical. In Jiangxi, China this city has a long history with the production and trade of "white gold".  

While abroad in Jingdezhen I was able to learn from ceramic masters, who did everything from make molds, to sculpting flowers to painting in cobalt and oil enamel. 

Work Produced

Placed right in the heart of the "Sculpture Factory" students have access to public kilns, master mold makers, hand mixed glaze shops  and other seemingly endless resources. Unlike American ceramics which focuses on the individuals craft, Jingdezhen is primed for production. It is said that a single work from here can be brought into life from as many as 28 different craftsmen. These specialized craftsmen are for hire, and available to help produce your work.

Travel Gallery

photo documentation of the journey

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