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Custom Live Cast Pottery

Wanting your very own custom live cast ceramics? Book here to schedule for body casting and ceramic bundles. We will take two casts. You go home the day of the casting session with a plaster sculpture/ cast of your body, I will keep the other cast and do my artist magic on it to transform it into ceramic art of your choosing.


The following services include my baseline pricing for custom ceramic work. This includes the casting process as well as my time and material needed to make the cast I keep into a functional ceramic mold.  Additional fees and pricing for custom live cast ceramics are reflective of my prices for all ceramic work (please note this list is not fully comprehensive, so if you have something else in mind just ask!):

Trinket dishes/ Ashtrays: $60, Mugs: $80, Bowls and Plates: $85, Vases: $100, Pipes: $120, Planters: $120, Tea Pots: $200, Bongs: $280

If you wanting more than just one ceramic piece, just let me know at our casting session. I take a deposit of half of the price upfront of all commissions. 

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