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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the casting process like?

My main goal when facilitating these casting sessions is to create a welcome and inclusive environment built upon clear, active and enthusiastic consent. I use all safe and tested materials to take the casts. If we are casting you and you want to turn it into ceramic work, we will take two casts: one for you to take home, and one for me to make a mold out of. The physical casting process only takes a few short minutes, but the total process to get a plaster cast takes about two hours. Pubic hair can be cast, but can sometimes leave air-bubbles in the cast, so 'trimmed' is preferable. 

Who do you cast?

Currently have 29 different molds from 29 different people local to me, starting with close friends and expanding into anyone in my community. I have experience casting vulvas, and have started to experiment with penis and nipple casts as well. I am open to casting trans and nonbinary people with penises- I currently am not comfortable casting cis men. 

I'm not local, can I ship you a cast?

As of now I do not have system developed for receiving casts that are not local to me. My process makes it difficult to insure I receive a cast done in the way I need to work for my ceramic work. However, I am currently in the process of testing and developing kits, making it a possibility to get custom ceramic work for those not local to me. I will say, its in its beginning stages, and I have no guarantees that it will work, although I am hopeful that I will be able to offer this! Best way to stay up to date on any developments is to subscribe to my mailing list and follow my social media.

Do you take commissions?

I am open for commission work! My prices are set on a case by case basis, and I charge half upfront as a deposit. I can do both painting and ceramic commissions, but please be mindful that art making can be a slow process, especially with the drying times involved with both oil paint and ceramic materials. 

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